A room dedicated to overlanding brought to you by the volunteers of the Overlanding Association and Overland Sphere at the Adventure Overland Show 24-25 September 2016.

Registration is not necessary but please show your interest in the discussion(s) of choice facebook.com/OverlandingAssociation/events


 Fri 23th Sept. 2016

18:00 – Community meet up – Drinks, socialising and stories around the camp fire

 Sat 24th Sept. 2016

Throughout the day Meet the Community & Team, see their vehicles and ask questions (informal)
11:00 – 13:30 Discussion on Overlanding Asia – Routes, Carnet Requirements / Temporary import, Guides Iran, China, Myanmar, latest developments in Asia, i,e Thailand, With Andy Smith & Emma Smart (Around the world in 800 days) , Fiona Easterby (Bug Beetle Drive), David Priddis (South Asia Overland)
14:30 – 16:00 Discussion on Overlanding The Americas (South, Central & North America) – Routes, RHD issues, Border crossings, Shipping requirements With Neil Byrd (Overland Birds), Paul Crittenden (Going Overland), Martin McGowan  (MyOverlandAdventure), David Priddis (South Asia Overland)
18:00 – Community meet up – Drinks, socialising and stories around the camp fire

 Sun 25th Sept. 2016

Throughout the day Meet the Community & Team, see their vehicles and ask questions (informal)
10:30 – 12:00 Discussion on Overlanding Africa – Carnet Requirements / Temporary import, border crossings, Safety on the road, Water purification, Game Parks and Wildlife. With Neil Byrd (Overland Birds), Paul Crittenden (Going Overland), Martin McGowan (MyOverlandAdventure), David Priddis (South Asia Overland), Haydon Smith
12:30 – 13:30 Discussion on Overlanding Budgets and finances – with Neil Byrd (Overland Birds), Paul Crittenden (Going Overland), Martin McGowan  (MyOverlandAdventure),
14:00 – 15:00 Andy Smith & Emma Smart (L’cruiser ‘Bee-bee’) Around the World in 800 Days The path of true overlanding never runs smooth; the bumps in our 800 days around the world and how we rode out the rough

 Profiles of the presenters:

David Priddis 4-years around-the-world in Land Rover Defender travelling across 6 continents Walkabout2408.com
Paul Crittenden Paul has more than 140,000 kilometres of Overlanding experience, including a 4 ½ year circumnavigation of the world through 5 continents in his Land Rover Defender, and a 15,000 km adventure through Eastern Europe, Russia and the ‘Stans to Mongolia.  His Defender is currently in rebuild ready for another epic adventure – route TBC, but probably mostly dirt! Goingoverland.com
Neil Bryd Travelled throughout the Americas from Alaska to Argentina and the length of Africa from Cape Town to Egypt in a Land Rover Defender. Neil has a second overland trip in the planning in a converted Land Rover Ambulance – He is also an administrator of Overland Sphere and a founding member of the Overlanding Association. OverlandBirds.com
Fiona Easterby Fiona Easterby – Overlanding the alternative way from the UK to Singapore. Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in a 1969 Baja Beetle. WorldRallies.com
Andrew Smith & Emma Smart Andy Smith and Emma Smart under the guise ‘Around the World in 800 Days’, have travelled through 51 countries and covered over 130,316km in their 22-year old Toyota Hilux Surf ‘Bee-bee’. AroundTheWorldin800days.com
Haydon Smith Travelled over a 2 year period from UK to Cape Town, Around Southern Africa, and From Walvis Bay to Dar-Es-Salaam.
Now planning to Retire in the next 12 months to continue the journey around the globe.
Rob Keen Travelled from the UK to South Africa via West Africa WhereToNextAfrica.blogspot.com
Guy & Shaz Shaz and Guy from North Wales, aka TruckedOff.com. Wanted to travel with the capability of a Landrover, but with the comfort and security of a VW camper type van. They bought a rusty old 1988 high-top ex-ambulance Landrover 110 and painstakingly restored, painted and outfitted the truck ourselves over 12 months. They then took a drive up to Nordkapp in the winter, over 62 days they worked thier way through Denmark, Finland and Sweden before touring Norway, wild/free camping most nights.
Martin McGowan Travelled for 6 years around the world to 70 countries across 6 continents in a Land Cruiser Colorado, covering over 220,000km. Martin is the founder of both Overland Sphere and the Overlanding Association. MyOverlandAdventure.com

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