Temporary Import Requirements

A Carnet de Passage is not required for entry into Colombia,   in the majority of people will enter Colombia on a temporary import permit.  The initial permit is valid for three months extendable to six months.

Required paperwork:

–  Vehicle registration ( in your name,  altogether with a notarised letter providing permission for the importer to use the vehicle  outside of the country of registration)

–  Passport

–  SOAT insurance

If you are shipping in a shared container,  is important to ensure that you are issued a separate bill of lading for each vehicle.

 TIP Extensions



Colombia three main ports,  the most used are Cartagena ( Roll on Roll Off and containers) and Santa Marta ( mainly Roll on Roll Off)

 Ports of entry

–  Cartagena –  this is the main port for most people,  there are a number of services to and from,  Panama,  Mexico,  the United States and Europe.   There are three separate ports in Cartagena,  which provide Roll on Roll Off and container services

–  Santa Marta –  Most people use the port for Roll on Roll Off services from the USA Mexico and Panama.

Land Borders

Colombia has land borders with Ecuador in South and Venezuela in the East.

Southern borders

There are two border crossings from Colombia to Ecuador, the main being  Ipiales / Tulcán and another to the east in Lago Agrio / Nueva Loja (Ecuador) to San Miguel (Colombia).

Ipiales / Tulcán

See this article for the Border process southbound

Eastern borders with Venezuela


The Colombian peso (COP$) is the currency used in Colombia.

ATM’s  – Almost all major banks have ATMs, and they usually work
fine with cards issued outside Colombia. Most banks have a maximum cash withdrawal limit of COP$300,000 per transaction, some will allow up t a maximum of COP$720,000. Its advisable to use ATMs in inside banks or gas stations to added security.

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