Ipiales / Tulcán

 This will be one of your easiest border crossings,  with staff generally friendly and helpful on both sides of the border.

The border is open from 5am to 10pm

Border process southbound

1 –  Cancel your TIP at the Dian ( you can park either directly opposite,  the Dian office,  or even get to the main car park in the immigration and walk around).  it will take just a few minutes for them to cancel your TIP

2 –  Go to immigration –  park up the main car park,  and join the queues of people to have your exit stamped in your passport.

3 – Drive across the border and park up outside the building straight over from the bridge

  • 4 – Go to the immigration office, make sure you tell them you are travelling with a vehicle.
  • 5 – Go to Customs / Aduana / importaciones, take with your Vehicle Title (USA) or Registration (EU/ROTW), take photos of your vehicle with your phone showing the number plate and VIN.

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