General Information

Carnet / TIP Carnet Recommended  – See map 
Insurance Required 
Visas VOA at land borders / Airport or E Visa
Security Security Med – See info below
RHD No Issues
IDP Recognised
Yellow Fever Not Required / None

*Visa information is based on UK/EU/US citizens,  

Vehicle Temporary Import

For entering Kenya it is recommended to have a cunning the passage, however it is not required, you are able to obtain a temporary import permit on the border, however some travellers who reported difficulties with obtaining temporary import permit, and the same permit is limited to a short number of days which must be extended to customs office.

It is also strongly recommended to use a carnet for shipping into the country as this provides you much more flexibility and makes the process much easier.

December 2017 – New rules will be introduced in 2018 whereby a) a Foreign Vehicle permit is required in advance, b) non Carnet entry will be limited to 14 days, which may be extended at a customs office Customs Notification view here

Prior to applying for a Foreign Motor Vehicle Permit, the foreign operator must have a valid Temporary Importation of Road Vehicles
Form (Form C32) issued at the Border Station.
To obtain a Form C32, an individual MUST:-
1. Be a foreigner with foreign identification
2. If Kenyan ,have a valid work permit or proof of residency in a Partner State.
3. Have the foreign Motor Vehicle Registration Book in his/her name.
4. Have a valid Power of Attorney from the Motor Vehicle Owner, in case the operator, is an agent of the owner

The initial application for the Foreign Permit will be done upon entry into the country and will be issued based on the following
categories: –
• A paid up foreign permit will be issued to vehicles on tour in Kenya and with an International Circulation Permit from Country
of Origin (Carnet de passage en douane).
• A free fourteen day temporary permit will be issued at entry points to vehicles entering Kenya with a Form C32.

  • Length of stay: TIP 14 Days / Carnet – Max 1 Year
  • TIP Extensions: Can be obtained from customs offices around the country or at borders
  • Leaving the country temporarily: TBC

Documents required

– Title (US vehicles) / vehicle registration (all others)
– Passport
– Driving licence: Most driving licences from your home country are recognized
– Motor vehicle insurance

  • – Title (US vehicles) / vehicle registration (all others)
  •  Passport
  • – Driving licence: Most driving licences from your home country are recognized
  • – Motor vehicle insurance

*Although our international driving licence is not required, they are cheap and easy to get hold of, and therefore it is advisable to ensure you have an international driving licence – please see this map details of countries where an IDP is required. International driving licence map

Motor Vehicle Insurance

If Kenya is your first port of entry, then you must purchase like insurance, your local agent should be able to provide this to you. If this is not your first port of entry then you can use Comesa yellow card (which you will have used in all other Comesa countries).  Details of Comesa coverage can be found here: insurance map You should ensure that you always check which countries are covered on your physical comesa insurance certificate.

Visas and documents

There are various options for obtaining visas for Kenya, please see the Kenya high commission website for full details: .

Visas can be obtained prior to travel, online or on arrival, You are able to obtain a E Visa here 

Permitted length of stay: TBC

Extending your Visa: TBC

Border crossings and information

The main land borders between Kenya and Tanzania are at Namanga, Loitokitok, Taveta, Isebania and Lunga Lunga. There are no border crossings open between the Serengeti and the Masai Mara you would have to leave the parks to cross the border.


The main border from most overland travellers this Marsabit / Moyale, the road to Marsabit is now fully paved, there is a write-up regards the road  here Nairobi – Nanyuki – Marsabit – Moyale road – Kenya to Ethiopia



Please see the FCO Website for the latest updates 

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to:

  • areas within 60km of the Kenya-Somali border
  • Garissa County
  • Lamu County (excluding Lamu Island and Manda Island)
  • areas of Tana River County north of the Tana river itself
  • within 15km of the coast from the Tana river down to the Galana (Athi-Galana-Sabaki) river



Wild camping in Egypt is not advised and illegal on the beach. All beaches are patrolled by coast guard. Travellers have been woken up in the middle of the night with a AK47 pointed up their noses – not a nice way to wake up. Don’t try it.

The exception is the desert, although all desert West (including the Great Sand Sea) of the road to Bahariya is currently off limits. There are gun runners active coming from Libya and the army has a “shoot on sight” policy. Check the section about the white desert below for info about
desert camping.


Egypt is a (for the majority) muslim country so tank tops and shorts for women are not a good idea, even though some of the beach tourists seem to think it’s fine. Headscarves are only needed when visiting mosques (and sometimes churches) – they will be provided at the door.

For men it is much easier, although wearing shorts into a mosque or church is considered impolite.

Other information which may be useful for Overlander’s

General Tips 


Most overlanders arrive to or leave Egypt from Alexandria (because the Sinai is closed for 4×4 and motorcycles). There are currently (October 2017) only 2 Roro (roll on roll off – cheaper than container transport) options: Grimaldi and Neptune. There are no ferries anymore.

Disadvantage of RORO is that you cannot travel with your car so you have to fly to/from Cairo.

This does give you the option while your car is being shipped of either exploring Cairo a bit more (if travelling North) without your car, or arranging your Sudan/Ethiopia visa in Cairo + doing some sights (if travelling South):

RORO Routes / Ports

There are several Roll on Roll Off routes to [country], most services call at xxxx port.

Container shipping

Container services are available xxx port, with routes

Shipping Agents

Buying and selling vehicles

if you are looking to buy a vehicle the best place to find one from other travellers is the following Facebook groups

Overlanding buy and sell – Americas

Overlanding buy and sell – Europe and Africa

Recommend Forums & Facebook Groups


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