Many travellers over the last few years in the UK have been at the mercy of the RAC for Carnets.

The RAC on numerous occasions have treated travellers with their vehicles extremely badly:

– Poor customer service  – rarely responding

– Changing the rules without notice or warning whilst people are travelling

– Making claims without notifying the carnet holder or giving them an opportunity to defend the claim

– Charging much more than other carnet providers

The RAC holds a monopoly (according to the RAC not of their own doing) in the UK on prices. Carnet issuers in other countries are able to provide a better service & lower rates.

In 2013 the RAC withdrew products / options for Carnet users to Finance / Guarantee Carnets via a Bank Guarantee or Bank Deposit. Their reason for doing so was a Commercial / Financial Decision

For many overlanders this withdrawal is extremely unwelcome as their financial plans are based on taking the cheaper Guarantee option more information here

Without offering these options many new overlanders are faced with taking up an extremely expensive reoccurring insurance policy. This more expensive option effectively limits many overlanders financial ability to take their vehicles abroad for long periods of time. We believe this option is also much more profitable to the RAC.

Thus since the withdrawal of these options many overlanders have attempted to obtain a Carnet through the ADAC which does offer both options, the bank guarantee & deposit.

Even though everybody in the UK should have the right to use the ADAC if they wish according to free market principles in the EU, the FIA makes it very difficult to do so by requiring you to seek the issuing clubs permission in writing in the form a letter of non-objection which has to be sent to the ADAC in Germany.

According to some travellers the RAC has started to refuse requests for letters of “Non Objection” on the basis of FIA rules that a Carnet should be issued in the country of the vehicle’s registration. Although technically this may be correct, this may also be seen as discriminatory to Carnet users in the UK as they do not have access to the same products and services as pretty much everyone else in Europe.

The FIA appears to want to promote mobility, however these rules could be seen as limiting this key objective.

The RAC promised to change for the better 1 1/2 years ago, unfortunately it seems today from comments of carnet users that they may not been able remedy the failures in their customer service.

It’s time for Change!

Sign this petition to:

– show the RAC we want to be treated better,

– have a free market in Europe and across the world on Carnets

– require the FIA to allow you to use other Carnet issuers without barriers

– require the RAC to be reasonable & actually make contact or make all reasonable efforts to contact you prior to making a claim

View  and sign the petition here: