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  1. Steve

    Great work, Thank you for putting so much effort in to building a truly fantastic resource.

  2. Steven Snaith

    This is really useful. We are just starting to plan our trip back to Europe from Australia and this will be a great source of reference. Many thanks for all the work put in. Steve

  3. MarcF

    I find mixed reports about South-America. Other sources claim a carnet is necessary for most Western-South-America countries (ecuador, peru, bolivia, chili,…).
    Nonetheless a very useful map.

    • Overlanding Association

      Hi Marc, thanks for your comment, Re Carnet and South America, whilst they may be accepted in South America, they are not required and have not been for several years. We have personally travelled the length of the Americas without a Carnet myoverlandadventure.com in addition to 100’s of other overlanders in our groups.

      It’s unfortunate but most of the information provided by the motoring organisations (who I assume you are referring to) is out of date, and not regularly updated.

      • Koen De Vaere

        Carnets have the advantage they are valid up to one year, extendable for one more year at some automobile clubs. I wonder in which country you still can use them. They refused ours in the harbor of Santa Marta (Colombia)
        In South America you get easily 90 days at the border. (at some borders you should ask)
        Many counties your temporary import can not be longer than your entry stamp.

  4. Lau

    Hy guys i’m planning a trip from EU to Canada shipping my Westfalia.Do i need a carnet for this destination? thanks a lot if you can clear my situation!

    • Overlanding Association

      No a Carnet is not required for the America’s (inc USA & Canada), how long do plan on spending in Canada? If you plan to go to the USA as well it might be worth getting EPA approval prior to crossing the border, *Note most people have reported it only being required while shipping into the USA. Temporarily importing and driving your foreign vehicle in the usa. Re Insurance, ask in our Overlanding FB Group, a few members have recently shipped into Canada..

      • Lau

        Thanks a lot man!I really appreciate your help!

  5. Liam

    Great info thanks, and the Overlanding FB Group is definitely the best resource for Panamers

  6. Lau

    Hey guys another question.if i ship my van to Canada do i have to apply for a Canadian eltronic travel authorisation for it?Im confused about this.thanks!

  7. Zack

    Hi there,

    I am slightly confused about Germany, it is marked as yellow, but it not recommended and talks about notes, but I cannot find any information about it, can you advise?

  8. Dane

    I’m planning to drive from SA the Ethiopia next year and am looking at my options for buying and selling a car at either end. Ideally I would buy a car in SA (probably a 4×4 pick-up, possibly new) then sell it to a friend who runs a business in Ethiopia. However, all countries en route are RHD while Ethiopia is LHD; and there is apparently a 200% duty on cars imported into Ethiopia. Can anyone suggest cost effective and (reasonably) practical options for buying then selling. I would also consider shipping the car back to Europe from Djibouti if this isn’t too expensive – I gather a couple of Italian shipping lines run a ro-ro service. Thanks.


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